Parking Garage Sweeping, Garage Sweeping, Power
Sweeping, Power Blowing, Parking Lot Sweeping
Our Parking Garage Sweeping programs are designed to give
your parking deck a clean, crisp, professional appearance. If
your needs are
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly sweeping service, we
will work closely
with you to ensure we fully meet your needs. Satisfaction is

Our Parking Garage Sweeping Programs include but are
not limited to the following services:

Power blowing along garage walls, corners,
entrance/exit areas, elevator landings and other areas to
remove trash, cigarette butts, leaves, dust and other debris.

Power sweeping all parking areas, drives and
entrance/exit areas.

We use a Tennant 6600 Power Sweeper to sweep deck areas, it
is one of a new breed of high efficiency vacuum assisted dry
sweeper. We can pick up a wide range of debris, including tiny
particles that dramatically reduces dust, from a variety of
surfaces from smooth cement to rough cobblestone. It has a
ramp climbing propelling system for high performance
cleaning on parking ramps and is compact enough to
maneuver in tight areas and most importantly around parked
cars. It is fueled by propane which is approved for safe indoor
use and meets 2004 EPA requirements. We carry 1,000,000
general liability with $4,000,000 umbrella liability insurance